Come with us to meet Grandmother June and hear the stories as told at the Edge of History. This is big adventure and we hope you come along to a world made of vast landscapes, big desires, and powerful destinies. Beyond the vanishing point where the ghost herds ride night after night, out there, Grandmother June tells says, is a world that must be contacted. Out there, she says, is where we learn to begin. This storytelling is travel that requires no technology and nothing from you. Come with us and hear the stpries for yourself. 

Log Line: These are the stories as told on the Edge of History where all things surely begin.

Cost: $10-&25 Slide 

What is It? 

Split The First Atom: A Ritual In The Making of Everything, is a Storytelling event. We follow a long tradition of inspired storytelling enmeshed with music that spans across cultures, geography, and time. Centuries of our ancestors have shared this experience of story and we feel it through our bones.

The story we carry to you is of the large and epic variety. It is an exciting story about Legends and Archetypes, about ghosts and The Spirits as they roam and have roamed our worlds. 

This story is cohesive --a beginning, a middle, and an end-- and aims to give the audience a satisfying evening of entertainment with inspiration to take home.

Our presentation is rooted in a timeless form of communication and may be enjoyed by all ages.

This is not an audience participation event.

Run Time: 1 hour  15 minutes

WhAT SHOUld I Expect from a ritual?

Our Ritual Performances inspire and comfort. These stories provide a means of speaking through the overwhelming problems of modern life in terms that allow for solutions both large and small to surface in our personal and collective conscious. These stories are powerful, they connect us to one another, and to our common ground as embodied souls. Connection and belonging are experiences in healing. All you do is listen to good storytelling. 

WHere do YOU perform?

It is our mission to bring these stories forward and to continue our own cultural tradition of carving out spaces and times and routes and innovative means of making meaningful artistic expression a central part of human life.

We tell our stories everywhere.

We have presented in small theatres and the backrooms at bars and bookstores. We tell these stories in warehouses and garages and backyards stranded in Christmas lights and made perfect by small barking dogs.

We are suitable for schools and churches and elder communities and your living room. We are on a mission to fulfil a purpose to tell these stories as we are requested to do so.

Let us take you to a big, big world full of spectacular sights and unexpected heights with nothing more than words and music and that initial spark of electricity.

We require an electrical outlet and a lamp.

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Find our Pictures and Short Biographies here.

Hear clips from our 2016 show here.

Hear Michelle Embree on WRBH of New Orleans here.


Come away with us to the Edge of History to hear the stories as they are told on a horizon line where surely all things begin. Come out and away with us on an adventure made of big landscapes, big desires, and powerful destinies, maybe even yours. Come out for an experience of travel that requires no technology and nothing from you. Come out, come out and bring everyone you know to connect to the biggest stories ever told. 

Log Line: These are the stories as told on the Edge of History where all things surely begin.

Cost: $10-&25 Slide 


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