WE Offer A number Of Medicinal Services As We TRavel


                                MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS: A Ritual In Fairytale

                                SPLIT THE FIRST ATOM: A Ritual In The Making Of Everything

                                                                              2) LadyBabyMiss

                                                                            Solo Piano Concert

Transform your space and your mood with a private piano concert. Every concert is specifically curated from a selection of original compositions and unique covers spanning generations and crossing geographies. We bring the set-up: keyboard, mic, and sound system.

Plus white wine or citrus spritzers (upon request). 

If you have a piano in your living room or in your performance space, this is ideal. Even pianos a little out of tune are welcome experiments in sound and mood. Invite your friends and share an evening of entertainment that will be remembered for years to come.

45 minutes of music plus 20 minuteSpritzer Service: $200 

ADD: 45 minutes of Three Card Tarot Readings pre-music for: $45

3) TAROT PoP-Up**:

  Tarot and Haircuts//Tarot and Crudite//Tarot and Waffles//Tarot and CrushKit


Make space And Take Pre-Bookings for Michelle Embree to read Tarot

In your shop or office or home for 25% of all the proceeds.


Schedule this workshop. $25 per person (five person minimum)

6) CrushKit Magical-Mini-PoP-Up Shop 

Invite your friends to come talk expansive topics and pick up some cute little trinkets and small magical items. We have freebies and dollar items, too. Let's get together for many reasons.

** Tarot Pop-Ups with Hair Cuts are $295. This includes a haircut and a 15 minute private Tarot reading for guests. Tarot PoP-Up's featuring Crudite are also $295. Choose Waffle Service for $275. With the choice of CrushKit Magical-Mini-Shop, your only additional cost is $245. You set the tone, we make it memorable.

You may also book parties on an individual pay basis. Each guest will receive a 15 minute Tarot reading and a haircut or other option for $40 per person. With Pop-Up option, readings are $30 per person. 

***SpellCrafters Laboratory: The art of the spell is an enormous pleasure. We may greatly enhance the simple movements of life with both effectiveness and sensuality by adding a little Spellcraft to how we go about things. In this shop we will discuss the nature of the spell itself by seeking the spells we have all fallen under and examining their mechanics. We will discuss spell structure, verbiage, purpose, length, and the frequencies inherent in language. We will discuss the elementals, the art of dispelling, and how to focus Spellcraft for specific rituals. The power of the spell depends upon achieving a resonance and clearing a path to an ‘object’. We will read some spells and write a few, too. 2.5 hours long.

Bring your favorite pens and papers.  Stickers and glitter glue are also useful.

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