A Ritual In Fairytale

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Written and Performed By Michelle Embree & LadyBabyMiss

Michelle Embree opens a fairytale landscape where the audience may experience and explore the lines between what is real and what is only illusion.

This is powerful storytelling that highlights what is naturally ritualized by the act of telling, by the act of making meaning with story.

Michelle Embree masters a mix of lyrical prose, Spellcasting, and the phenomena of shared memory, to create a story suspended in time.

The result  is a life affirming performance, every word of it shot through with inspired energy and truthfulness. This story is medicine and transformation. It is not soon forgotten.

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"This is a most amazing fairy tale for modern times written by the brilliant and truly tapped-in Michelle Embree with music by LadyBabyMiss. When I saw this performed in person, I felt a pull towards a transcendental understanding of our modern-day Western circumstances. Uplifting. Powerful. Feminine strength and a new paradigm shown in super accessible and entertaining story. Teachers, this story is great for teens! ::life-changing::"

                                                                    (FB post)--Sarah Shellow, Writer and Teacher


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